Smart Yield is the Precision Ag and Consulting Division of Dynamic Cropping Systems, and was founded as a solution for the big data revolution of agriculture. As we see it, in this area and in general, there are currently three types of growers; Growers who haven’t yet incorporated precision technology within their business; Growers who have some technology but don’t see value in the data or are unaware they are producing data; and growers who see value in the data and want to use it but don’t know where to start.

This is the reason why a cookie cutter approach to “Data Consulting” will not work. Data is such a general and yet loose word when it comes to agriculture. If taken to the extremes, it can be overwhelming; and if viewed plainly as hybrid evaluation, it can be thought of as simple. The point is to adhere to the thinking of all growers and be able to keep moving each grower further in their precision endeavor from wherever they are at. With so many devices and equipment creating data automatically as we go about our fieldwork and daily tasks, we need someone that understands how to evaluate and put this data to work for your farm.

“Smart Yield takes agricultural data combined with farmer knowledge to create a state of the art precision plan.”

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