Seed Treatment Services

We hold high value on seed treating soybeans and cereal grains in this area because of the normal low soil temperatures we plant in. An ungerminated seed sitting in cold soil for a prolonged period of time has a much higher risk of being overtaken by disease. Seed treatments are a simple insurance policy to deal with whatever spring “Mother Nature” throws at us.

Soybean Treatment Packages

Inoculant – $3.50/unit    View Product

Inoculant/Fungicide – $8.50/unit    

Inoculant/Fungicide/Insecticide – $11.50/unit    


Corn Micronutrient  Package

Amplify – L $10.00/unit    View Product

Pricing coming soon for small grain seed treatments.

Herbicide Program

We offer a very competitive chemistry program with prices that are competitive as we can make them. We don’t think growers should have to break the bank for their chemistry needs. Our goal is transparency in the hopes that we can help out your bottom line.

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We offer many more chemical products in bulk and in gallon containers, surfactants, AMS material, and have a good selection of liquid fertilizers for use in planting, side dressing and fertigation.

  • 28% Liquid Fertilizer
  • 10-34-0 Liquid Fertilizer
  • Potassium Thiosultate (KTS) Liquid Fertilizer


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**All prices above are based off of early order discounts (before March 1st).

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