Our Approach

For the simplest description of our approach, look to our company motto: Better farming through better soil.

We help producers increase yields, increase profits and improve soil health. The goals are linked — our approach is designed to increase production this season while building soil health for future seasons.  Every aspect of our program promotes soil health, is gentle on roots and soil microbes, and optimizes plant growth, resiliency and quality. 

Our growers can see the clear difference — in yields, plant health, forage quality and the soil itself.

Midwestern BioAg Soils Guide

Liquid Fertilizer

We carry a complete line of liquid products, including liquid carbon-based fertilizers (L-CBF), soil stimulants and water treatment products. L-CBF encourages even emergence and early season vigor by stimulating soil life and helping cycle nutrients in the soil. Whether you need a stand-alone starter, want to enhance your nitrogen program or need a foliar application to boost forage production after cutting, L-CBF can help. Our water treatment products can help take production efficiency one step further by reducing water use on irrigated ground. This can yield big returns in the form of cost savings while helping prevent salty soils.

Dry Fertilizer

At Midwestern BioAg, we select the highest-quality, most plant-available ingredients for all our fertilizer blends. Our proprietary products go beyond NPK by supplying plants and soil life with calcium, sulfur, trace minerals and carbon. From homogenized and pelletized trace mineral packs, to NPK products with season-long availability, our fertilizer ingredients will help you maximize nutrient efficiency all season. Every ingredient we carry promotes soil health, is gentle on roots and soil microbes, and optimizes plant growth, resiliency and quality.

L-CBF 7-21-3 MKP

Orthophosphate in a Molasses Base for Better Phosphorus Uptake L-CBF 7-21-3 is a liquid carbon-based…


Improved Nutrient Efficiency for Stronger Starts & Higher Yields L-CBF BOOST™ 4-0-3-2S is a molasses-based…

TerraNu Ignite™

Enhance NPK Performance & Efficiency with TerraNu Ignite TerraNu Ignite delivers essential nutrients in a…


Highly Soluble Calcium for Optimum Crop Performance Bio-Cal® is an exclusive, proprietary blend of multiple calcium…

Protassium+ Brand Potassium Sulfate

Protassium+®, also known as 0-0-50 or sulfate of potash (SOP), is a dual-nutrient fertilizer containing 50 percent potash and 18 percent sulfate.

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