The “AgroVantage” System

Conklin’s system approach to all-around crop fertility proves the company is anything but ordinary. They do things the right way, by starting with a complete soil test of nutrients. Their lineup of starter fertilizers, and chelated secondary and micro nutrients allow you to pick only what your soil test is calling for. Gone are the days where we can afford to apply a “shotgun” approach micro nutrient mix, growers need to know that what they are applying is only what they need and a complete soil test is where that starts.

Beyond offering premium and safe products for your crop, Conklin is known for their training seminars immersing growers with easy and effective agronomy advice thus making the Conklin AgroVantage experience leaving growers with a feeling of optimism and a sense of independence as they move into the next growing season.

Most Notable Product

Amplify-D/ Amplify-L Seed Treatment

Amplify-D and Amplify-L are seed emergence aids which are registered with the various states as low analysis fertilizers. These products contain an additional amount of the adenosine mono phosphate (AMP) found naturally in seeds.

By providing the seed with additional AMP and fertilizer, seedling vigor is enhanced and emergence is improved. The plant gets off to a quicker, more uniform start and performs better over the growing season. That translates into the potential for faster maturity, better yields and higher profits. Seeds treated with Amplify-D or Amplify-L are more able to withstand stressful conditions (cold, wet conditions) commonly experienced during planting.

Conklin has done tons of research on Amplify-D, and year after year it’s shown a positive return on investment. This is the easiest money you’ll make all season! Just incorporate 1 scoop of the dry product in with the seed as your filling your planter.

Becks Hybrids does a ton of research on different products and practices in the marketplace. Check out their yield data on Amplify-D!

Conklin is so sure of their Amplify Seed Treatment, that they offer a 100% money back guarantee it if it doesn’t completely pay for itself!

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